sobota 16. listopadu 2013


My founded object for this Blog-post is a button. I found it one day when i walked in the park with my beautiful grand-daugter Editka and we were loking for some chesnuts.

Here is some story how it was born:

......and here is my piece:

pátek 11. října 2013


I got a big chance, a few months ago, to make some desing for Preciosa Ornela Newsletter, using new beads Thorn and Pellet.

You can see here very beautiful design from Kerrie Slade:

And here is design from czech beaders for Preciosa Ornela

An here is my contribution to this very first Preciosa Ornela Newsletter:

Thank You very much for this chance

neděle 11. srpna 2013


I'm very happy to got a chance to try new PRECIOSA Thorn™ beads

and here is my design using these amazing beads with Preciosa seeds:

sobota 3. srpna 2013

NEW BEADS.....again

I'm still in love with spike beads, all sizes, all colours, all finishes.....and I got some new Pyramide Spikes and Stud Beads and my friend Jaromír Mašek asked me to make some jewelry for his company.
The first one is inspired by Kerrie Slade, her pattern was published in Australian Digital Beading Magazine,June issue

For the second bracelet i used Czech StudBeads, Czech two holes squares in two colours,plus some seed beads

Kerrie Slade's blog :