Zobrazují se příspěvky z únor, 2013


Today is The DAY!!!!!

My very 1st Freeform peyote necklace, made for this special adventure. Maybe it's not perfect, but I enjoyed this adventure, watching my beads and hands hoe they work themself to make this one.
This part was made first:

I wasn't sure how to continue, I let it be for few weeks. I was an my very special trip in Australia, I spend 3 weeks in one beautiful part of Oz, Victoria.... I was and still am amazed, I'm falling in love with this country, It inspired me very much.... and when i came back home I was able to continue with this piece.
And this is the way how it grew:

.... and here is my piece, very spacial for me what i called " Blue Sky over Victoria"

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Frosted /necklace
Beadembroidery necklace, used beads: czech spikes beads, glass cab, czech seed beads, czech pressed beads and czech pearls.