Zobrazují se příspěvky z březen, 2013


This one is my big love, I finished it in February and was inspired by Melissa Ingram's "Rebell Yell Cuff".
I wasn't sure about clasp, so I made my own...... :-) I used this:

....and here is, my SPIKE WARRIOR



I'm in love with beads, I love Czech / or Bohemian, if you want/ seed beads the most of them....... and these aged stripe beads are one of the TOP. This age finish is very special and exclusive, and I was thinking long time what to do with them to make them clearly visible and shining. So here is the result


I'm a big spikes lover, every size, every colour, every finishing, of course i love some colours more than another....well, I'm big collector os spikes / in fact, I'm a big beads collector/.... and when i got new spikes, they looks like pyramides and they have two!!!!! holes, how fantastic idea! Thanks my friends Jaromír Mašek and Perry Bookstein, beaders around all the world love you both for all your awesome ideas!!!!....so when i got them, i had to try something, not so big or some "great" form of beading, but just some fun with beads :-)


Well, I stuck glass caboshon to Lacy's and I didn't know what to do, how to go on.....ok, go on and play with colors, It's time to make something ,yay, fresh and juicy, something like summer day on the beach drinking some fresh drink, maybe "Sex on the Beach" or fruit juice.....pick whatever you want :-)