When I went to the Czech Republic last August I got to meet Romana Tschunko. We had a language barrier and I am not sure what she understood of my English, as we sipped our beers, but when I placed some 24 karat plated gold baby spikes down on the table, her smile spoke volumes. Since then, Romana and I have had conversations on-line, about music, life but most of all beads. My typing, though a little radical, is a little easier to follow. Recently, she told me frankly, "Perry, I am addicted to spike beads". If you visit Romana's facebook page , Viper's Beads, you can see the extreme measures Romana goes to use spike beads. Romana is also friends and a big fan of Kerrie Slade. Romana was the perfect beader to test Kerrie's new FREE project for Bead and Button She lives one hour from the Spike bead's epicenter so its like having a spike tree in her back yard and Romana's use of color expresses her femininity. See what Romana says here:

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