March 22nd wasn't very spring looking day, but it was the most surprising day in my "beading" life, after little chatting with my beautiful friend Kerrie Slade, she asked me for help with her new project and promotion baby spikes for Perry Bookstein. How big honor for me!!!! I know Kerrie's beading, it's absolutely fantastic and amazing, and she is very good and nice person.
So well, I got the pattern of this and was amazed, as always, and began to thinking of colours..... it's not easy to find them, if you want to do things perfect, but again, I have a few very good friend....and one of them, Karolina, helped me with choice and i have to say, she did it very good!
And all what i can say about this project is that I'm in love with it, I made all pieces with big love and joy and I hope you'll like them too.

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