středa 25. listopadu 2015


 You have probably seen a lot of new beads last months, new shapes, new hot finishes. The last ones i got to my hands are 4ceed beads, designed by Kelly Stevenson together with czech bead man Jaromír Mašek. The idea was, if i well remember, to make 4 holes beads to match SuperDuo beads . And of cousrse, they do, in horizontal line of 4ceed. But it could be little boring for me, just connect 4 holes beads with 2 holes beads. These beads give you more space to beading in multiple layers, to make better 3D beading.... and to have a big fun with beading.

I choose these for my first project, they are 5x5x3mm size, color crystal with antique silver finish
/18549/. They are 3mm thick, so can be visible in your beading.                                                     

I've started with MiniDuo, than 11/0 seeds and 4ceed

continue with 8/0 can see 4ceed beads pretty well here and all their possibility

and i worked on the top side

back sides of beading

I made 2 pices and connected them together

and this is the result, this beaded bead can be use however, as part of earrings, neclace....anything

Finally i can say, this bead is worth of your attention, you have to try it, i highly recommend it. You can buy 4ceed beads here or here:


sobota 7. listopadu 2015


Dvoudírkové bubínky už tu jsou deší dobu, nedávno k nim přibyly leptané dekory, vytvořila jsem z nich několik šperků, měla jsem v plánu udělat návod na alespoň jeden z nich.

Tak tady je "Ocelové město" ....zatím jen v češtině, doufám, že se mi brzy podaří to slušně přeložit do angličtiny.

Leptané bubínky jsou k dostání zde : TCGB a zde : B2B

neděle 12. dubna 2015


My friend Kelly Stevenson asked me to make jim some new desing from new beads, manufactured by Jamas for his new company Back2Bead . It was big challenge!!! I know Drum beads for a long time,but these new are special, they are ETCH!
Some of them:

I was inspired with my home county,where i grew up, it's heavy industry and coal mines place. The beads look like coal,blast furnace slag, old steel and more.

čtvrtek 26. března 2015


Sometimes, you have no idea what to do, your mind is empty......well, take beads and play.

I did it with VillaBeads from PreciosaOrnela. 

This has looked like a good component for bracelet, maybe necklace, but too big for an earrings. And of course, i had to find a better colors, some bright and joyful.

I have found a good way to connect all components together and started to make clasp.

This is my last design, called " SECRETS IN THE BUSH" . I have used PreciosaOrnela's  Villa beads, seed beads and charlottes. MATUBObeads SuperDuo, Matubo seeds.

středa 25. března 2015


My bead stash is slowly growing and my jewerly boxes too, i've tried to reorganize my beads again, so it seems be impossible, beads are everywhere here.... not in meals, fortunately, my kitchen is "bead free" zone :-)
Here are some newbies in my collection:

úterý 20. ledna 2015


I've finished two crochet necklace, finally! The first one is made from pinch beads in hematite and silver, i made one long from hematite and other shorter combined hematite and silver pinch beads, with ceramic beads and rabbit balls ..... it's very variable, possible to connect them together in one long...

My second crochet necklace is from PreciosaOrnela seed beads, mixed and yellow. I made 4 crochet ropes and connected them together with knots and hung up big yellow ball .... it's a stitched with different sizes of seeds, 30mm wood ball inside.

Well, now it's time for "Bloody Valentine"'s one of my long term project. I found this beautiful red glass stone in my very favorite antique and bead shop, i dressed it to the simply stitched coat from Myiuki Delica 10/0 in silver.......and let it rest for year or two, i'm not really sure, i have a lot of "sleeping" projects. Its time came last week, i got an IDEA.....and because i didn't have any Delicas in silver, i decided to use mixed beads in red spectrum, Delicas, of course. I wanted to give it simple and clear look.....I hope i did it....and i love this bracelet

The next chapter: Kheops par Puca beads....i didn't know how to keep them for long time, well, some beads need time, one has to live with them and they will say which way to go...... i made an earrings, two pairs
you will get 2 free tutorials from Puca with our Kheops par Puca beads