I've finished two crochet necklace, finally! The first one is made from pinch beads in hematite and silver, i made one long from hematite and other shorter combined hematite and silver pinch beads, with ceramic beads and rabbit balls ..... it's very variable, possible to connect them together in one long...

My second crochet necklace is from PreciosaOrnela seed beads, mixed and yellow. I made 4 crochet ropes and connected them together with knots and hung up big yellow ball .... it's a stitched with different sizes of seeds, 30mm wood ball inside.

Well, now it's time for "Bloody Valentine"'s one of my long term project. I found this beautiful red glass stone in my very favorite antique and bead shop, i dressed it to the simply stitched coat from Myiuki Delica 10/0 in silver.......and let it rest for year or two, i'm not really sure, i have a lot of "sleeping" projects. Its time came last week, i got an IDEA.....and because i didn't have any Delicas in silver, i decided to use mixed beads in red spectrum, Delicas, of course. I wanted to give it simple and clear look.....I hope i did it....and i love this bracelet

The next chapter: Kheops par Puca beads....i didn't know how to keep them for long time, well, some beads need time, one has to live with them and they will say which way to go...... i made an earrings, two pairs
you will get 2 free tutorials from Puca with our Kheops par Puca beads

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