čtvrtek 26. března 2015


Sometimes, you have no idea what to do, your mind is empty......well, take beads and play.

I did it with VillaBeads from PreciosaOrnela. 

This has looked like a good component for bracelet, maybe necklace, but too big for an earrings. And of course, i had to find a better colors, some bright and joyful.

I have found a good way to connect all components together and started to make clasp.

This is my last design, called " SECRETS IN THE BUSH" . I have used PreciosaOrnela's  Villa beads, seed beads and charlottes. MATUBObeads SuperDuo, Matubo seeds.

středa 25. března 2015


My bead stash is slowly growing and my jewerly boxes too, i've tried to reorganize my beads again, so it seems be impossible, beads are everywhere here.... not in meals, fortunately, my kitchen is "bead free" zone :-)
Here are some newbies in my collection: