You have probably seen a lot of new beads last months, new shapes, new hot finishes. The last ones i got to my hands are 4ceed beads, designed by Kelly Stevenson together with czech bead man Jaromír Mašek. The idea was, if i well remember, to make 4 holes beads to match SuperDuo beads . And of cousrse, they do, in horizontal line of 4ceed. But it could be little boring for me, just connect 4 holes beads with 2 holes beads. These beads give you more space to beading in multiple layers, to make better 3D beading.... and to have a big fun with beading.

I choose these for my first project, they are 5x5x3mm size, color crystal with antique silver finish
/18549/. They are 3mm thick, so can be visible in your beading.                                                     

I've started with MiniDuo, than 11/0 seeds and 4ceed

continue with 8/0 seeds....you can see 4ceed beads pretty well here and all their possibility

and i worked on the top side

back sides of beading

I made 2 pices and connected them together

and this is the result, this beaded bead can be use however, as part of earrings, neclace....anything

Finally i can say, this bead is worth of your attention, you have to try it, i highly recommend it. You can buy 4ceed beads here https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCzechGlassBeads or here: http://back2bead.com/


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